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Whether its business, home or motor insurance, Fitzpatrick & Co provides advice and assistance to make sure you are properly protected.

We know the Insurance Market and have the expertise and ability to negotiate competitive premiums and broad policy terms and conditions on your behalf.  With our experience we will ensure that your claims are negotiated and managed to best advantage.

We can often provide advice on how to make the most of your insurance budget and will explain your policy and any special conditions that you may need to be aware of.

With our experience we will ensure that your claims are negotiated and managed to best advantage. Furthermore Fitzpatrick & Co is obliged to advise you of all fees charged for services.

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Why Have Insurance?

Buying insurance is common sense.

It is a protection of your assets against everyday risks – like a simple traffic accident or storm damage to your premises or the rare occurrence like your home or office burning to the ground.

The courts have made large financial judgements against home owners & businesses that have been found liable for personal injury suffered by people on their properties.

Fate can strike anytime. Insurance is your safeguard against loss damage or injury.

Without insurance who pays? Failing to insure means you could risk losing your home or business to pay a court judgement.

Failure to insure can be shortsighted and expensive.

Why Use An Insurance Broker?

Going direct to an Insurer may sometimes seem cheaper but this is rarely the case. Would you fight a legal dispute without a solicitor?

Would you lodge your company’s tax return without an accountant? So why would you insure direct?

Insurance is complex — there are a myriad of policies on the market and by using Fitzpatrick & Co you can relax — we will do all the homework for you.

We are able to offer broad and tailored policy wordings for all your personal, commercial and industrial insurance requirements. As your professional insurance partner we can analyse your individual situation and needs and provide a tailored plan especially for you.

Aviso Group

The Aviso Group is a national partnership comprising of 10 private insurance brokers across 5 states who formed together to create a National Broking Group. The formation of the Group enables us to provide competitive premiums and excellent policy wordings to our clients with the bulk buying power of the Group. For more information please visit avisogroup.com.au 

Steadfast Broker Network

We are part of the Steadfast Broker Network with more information available at steadfast.com.au

National Insurance Brokers Association (NIBA)

We subscribe to and are bound by the Insurance Brokers Code of Practice, a full copy of which is available from the National Insurance Brokers Association (NIBA) website, www.niba.com.au.



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